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What are we allowed to wear?
The following items are NOT allowed to be worn during practices or games: jewelry, hats, flip flops, jean shorts. 

 Do I need to bring a basketball?
No, you do not need a basketball for any of our programming. If you are a part of our winter league, please follow your coach's instruction regarding this.

 What if my child needs an Epipen?
Please let the director and admin person on site know if your child requires the use of an Epipen and if we need to administer it.

 When do the programs start and end?
Go to the specific program page for each program to find out starting and ending dates.

 What time should we arrive and pick up?
Arrive 10 minutes before and do not enter the gym before the coaches get there. Please pick your child up promptly after the program ends.

 What facilities do you use?
Please refer to the program page for each program to find locations and addresses.

 Will lunch be served or do I need to bring a lunch to summer camps?
Due to our camps being half days, you do NOT need to bring a lunch nor will lunch be served.

 Can siblings and parents be on the court during practices?
Siblings and parents should not be on the court during activities regardless if there is an open basket or not. Parents please monitor your children.

 How often will you have water breaks and bathroom breaks?
We do not have set water and bathroom breaks. Players should ask their coach or go while waiting in line for a drill.