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Dates (all Sundays):          

Nov. 12 (OFF 19 to start T-Day break)      

Dec. 3, 10

Jan.  7, 21

Tournament:    Jan 28 (top 4 team semi-finals and finals)

Times:        11am – 7pm   Obviously this is subject to the total number of teams participating.

Games: 5 dates, 2 games per date

* Typically there are teams scrambling to get organized, ie. registered and paid...therefore we will have our first tentative schedule emailed the Tuesday before the first set of games. 

****Coaches attempting to coach multiple teams...make sure you have an able assistant because we cannot guarantee that you will not have conflicts preventing this.  We will work with you, but there are NO GUARANTEES.

***Teams playing in multiple leagues, Jr. Feeder/Jr. Feeder B or C teams/CMLA/ATPP, etc. make sure you tell those predominantly SATURDAY LEAGUES not to schedule you on Sundays or at least schedule around our parameters (see above).  Meaning if you are a 6th, 7th & 8th grade team, if they want to schedule you for a Sunday game they should put you at the beginning of the day because you play late in the day with us.  Vice versa for 4th and 5th grade teams.  This also goes for teams playing in multiple leagues on Sundays "A" Feeder/JCC/NYO, etc.  WE WILL NOT ACCOMMODATE TEAMS THAT HAVE A CONFLICT WITH THEIR OTHER LEAGUE WHO DO NOT WORK WITHIN THESE GUIDELINES.