Collegiate Prep Basketball Academy

Saturday Sessions Only


These sessions are designed to allow players to participate in organized 8 minute mini-games. Balanced teams of 5 players per team, will be made each Saturday. Winning team stays on, losing team is off and the new team comes in to jump the ball and begin another 8 minute mini-game. Like “Old School” pick-up, player’s need to understand the importance of getting back on defense, blocking out and rebounding, executing principled team defense techniques as well as playing unselfish and intelligent on offense to ensure winning their game and holding court.

Anyone registering for Saturday sessions after the program starts must register online and complete payment online. We will NOT be accepting money on the court the day of. Any player who is not registered, paid and with their Collegiate Prep jersey will not be allowed to participate.


In the Fall Training League: $20 a session with sign up before August 14th.

Not in the program with a CPBA jersey: $25 a session until August 14th.

Not in the program without a CPBA jersey: $25 per session and $25 for the CPBA  jersey.

The day of the Saturday session $25 per session and will be based on availability. You must be registered and show confirmation of registration and payment. 

Dates: Aug 19th and 26th. Sept.2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th. Oct.1st, 7th and 14th.


All groups are sold out except for 4 spots in the high school boys session on Oct. 7th!

DATELOCATION 4th & 5th Boys
6th Boys
5th & 6th Girls
7th & 8th Girls
7th & 8th Orange
7th & 8th Blue
High School Girls
High School Boys
September 30thDobbs Creek9:00-11:30am9:00-11:30am
October 7thKing's Ridge Christian School (student center gym)8:00-10:00am10:00-12:00pm
October 14thDobbs Creek8:30-10:30am10:30-12:30pm

*times and locations are subject to change. please check this schedule and your email for any updates.