Collegiate Prep Basketball Academy

Elementary Winter Training


bullett_big PROGRAM GOAL

This training is specifically designed for the introductory level player looking to get started in basketball or the borderline jr. feeder player seeking a more detailed approach than other traditional programs. There is a low player to coach ratio and a very high player to basket ratio. This allows for a greater number of repetitions and improved results in a shorter time period. We will objectively measure your child’s improvement over the course of the program and emphasize the value to goal setting and accountability. We also want to create a culture of discipline, accountability and continued improvement utilizing enthusiastic and energetic leaders/mentors which encourage players to work outside their current comfort zone.


This program will be different from other programs offered in the past. A 12:1 coach to player ratio. Players will be evaluated and placed according to their performance on the court into homogeneous groups. This will enhance our staff’s ability to teach relative to the level of the group and provide for better competition.


We are only interested in doing the things that will benefit each individual player and help best prepare them for the future. We do not get involved with petty politics nor have parents of players in our program instruct. We hold players accountable for their own improvement in a demanding yet inspiring and enthusiastic professional manner.

bullett_big CURRICULUM 

The curriculum will focus primarily on individual fundamental skill development, physical conditioning and practical application of game concepts through breakdown competitions.


Our schedule includes 2 night practices per week consisting of skill refinement, basketball I.Q. and 5 on 5 practical application.

Due to a clientele with variable schedules we are offering programming for an investment either in part or whole. We are trying to meet the needs of people who are doing jr. feeder B team/rec players.

Please click here to review the schedule and pricing for this winter.

To learn more about our success rate with preparing players for their teams please visit our “Proven Results” page on our website.


  • Develop each participant and facilitate them to the next level of play
  • Teach through proper modeling, active demonstrations and full participation with multiple repetitions
  • Teach players to improve individually on their own outside of an organized setting
  • Set high standards and hold players accountable for their improvement