Collegiate Prep Basketball Academy

About Us


Collegiate Prep Basketball Academy was formed from a belief that all great things in life are built upon a solid foundation of organized daily habits which propel the individual toward the fulfillment of a goal. To be successful as an individual or as a team, you must have a vision, a plan, necessary skills or tools, and a disciplined approach. Collegiate Prep’s mission is to bring fundamental skills, as well as college training methods and recruiting strategies to the youth level. By successfully competing at the level to which young players aspire, we know we can prepare you to live out your dreams!



All players involved who have proven college ability, will have their personal profiles sent to applicable college recruiters. Our database consists of every college basketball office within 300 miles of Atlanta, GA as well as personal contacts developed by our staff members over the years. Each college coaching staff in our database will receive a personal invitation to attend any and all Collegiate Prep sessions on their own behalf. We also will not charge a fee to these college coaches. We want to encourage their attendance, facilitate their recruiting efforts while marketing our current players who are legitimate college prospects at any level.

Coach Tucker can jump start and facilitate your recruiting process by possessing an intricate working knowledge of the needs, habits, procedures, and budget constraints of college programs. By successfully recruiting (see About Collegiate Prep and Exemplary Players pages) at the Div. III, junior college and Div. I level at both Western Kentucky and Georgia, Coach Tucker understands the recruiting guidelines of the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.